HX76S3 Chad & Nathan Fuck Hard

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Title: HX76S3 Chad & Nathan Fuck Hard
Description: Chad stopped by Nathan's to show off his new assless briefs. The naughty little twinks get really turned on rubbing their bulges together while kissing. Nathan gets a mouthful of Chad's cock while Chad shows his hot little ass off to the camera. Nathan is seriously focused on getting a piece of the twink's star boy-hole. He eats out Chad's rear, and sticks his hard one into the tight opening. Our blonde star's loves to take a good pounding, and seems to be in ecstasy as he rides the young buck. With a hard dick up his ass, Chad lets out a loud moan and an explosive cumshot, drenching Nathan's torso with milky jizz.
Tags: Amateur, American, Anal Sex, Blonds, Blow Job, Brunette, Cum Shots, Rimming, Twinks (+18)
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